Molybdenum City Daily Commentary on March 5, 2019: Molybdenum ore ferromolybdenum shows "two heavens"
2019-03-05 15:54:50
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Modu Trading Network March 5, 2019:
Molybdenum price:
Today, the price of molybdenum concentrate has further increased, and the range price has risen to 1720-1810 yuan/ton, of which the price of high-grade molybdenum concentrate has risen to 1780-1810 yuan/ton. The price of ferromolybdenum remains unchanged, and the market price is still in the range of 11.7-11 million yuan / ton. The market price of downstream ammonium molybdate and molybdenum products continued to run smoothly. The price of molybdenum oxide in international molybdenum products has further increased, and the price of ferromolybdenum in the European market has not changed.
Molybdenum City Deal:
Yesterday, Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces sold more than 2,000 tons of high-grade molybdenum concentrate. The current transaction price was 1780 yuan/ton, and the small part was the acceptance price of 1810 yuan/ton. Today, the transaction in the ferromolybdenum bulk market has been reached, and the price of some orders is about 11.7-11 million yuan / ton.
Steel mill tender:
Zhejiang No. 1 Steel Plant tendered 350 tons of ferromolybdenum, the price was accepted at 116,500 yuan / ton; the price of ferromolybdenum in Liaoning No. 1 Steel Plant was 117,000 yuan / ton. Today, Gansu No. 1 Steel Plant has tendered 90 tons of ferromolybdenum. The price at noon has not been determined yet.
Molybdenum primary market:
The price of molybdenum concentrate rose again, but the price of ferromolybdenum still did not perform well. The bidding price of mainstream steel mills remained at around 117,000 yuan/ton. From the price performance, the cost of ferromolybdenum was “upside down”. Relative to the weak performance of the bidding price, the bulk quotation of the ferromolybdenum manufacturers in the bulk market today tends to be firm, but the high-priced transaction has not yet been released. The overall gaming atmosphere of the molybdenum primary market is still strong.
Molybdenum Chemical Market:
After the Spring Festival, the price of ammonium molybdate continued to rise. Although the gains were slow, the ex-factory prices of large enterprises this week were basically around 130,000 yuan/ton. The market transaction price has a slight increase in follow-up performance every week. By this Thursday, the transaction price of ammonium molybdate rose to acceptance of 12.7-12.8 million yuan / ton, and the price of ammonium dimolybdate rose to 131,000 yuan / ton.
Molybdenum deep processing market:
Similar to the contradiction between molybdenum concentrate and ferromolybdenum, there is also a game of game and stalemate between molybdenum products and raw material ammonium molybdate. On the one hand, the cost of raw material ammonium molybdate has been continuously improved. On the other hand, the demand for molybdenum deep processing products has not been bright for a long time, and the transaction price of downstream processed products of molybdenum powder has not substantially increased with the price of raw materials. This week, the main company molybdenum powder factory price is located at 265 yuan / kg, but the market transaction price is much lower than this price.
International Molybdenum City:
In line with the performance of the domestic molybdenum market, the international price of molybdenum oxide rose slightly today. The transaction price of molybdenum oxide in the West and yesterday also gradually increased to 12.2-12.3 US dollars per pound of molybdenum. Compared with the strong performance of the raw material market, the price of ferromolybdenum in the international market is as weak as domestic ferromolybdenum.
 Molybdenum City Hotspot:
At present, there are three major contradictions in the molybdenum market: one molybdenum ore and ferromolybdenum; the other is ferromolybdenum and steel mills; the third is ammonium molybdate and molybdenum products. After entering March, the game performance has become increasingly fierce, and the market attention has also increased. Gradually improve, the final result of this round of games is still unclear.
Molybdenum City Daily Commentary:
Driven by the continued increase in the cost of raw material molybdenum concentrates, the sales of ferromolybdenum prices are gradually increasing. It is expected that the operation of the molybdenum market will be more driven by raw material molybdenum concentrates in the first half of March, and will be in a stable forward stage. The current round of steel ferromolybdenum is still underway. The downstream molybdenum products enterprises are still waiting to see the purchase of raw materials ammonium molybdate. Whether the market price of ferromolybdenum, ammonium molybdate and molybdenum products can continue to follow up is for further observation.
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