Tungsten City Daily Commentary on March 6, 2019: The market is in the predicament of "low price is difficult to buy, high price is difficult to sell"
2019-03-06 15:57:23
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Tungsten-molybdenum cloud business March 6, 2019:
Tungsten price today
65% black tungsten concentrate is 9.65-9.75 million yuan/ton; 65% white tungsten concentrate is 9.55-9.65 million yuan/ton; APT15-155.2 million yuan/ton; tungsten powder is 233-235 yuan/kg; tungsten carbide 231-233 Yuan/kg; 96% sodium tungstate 11.8-12 thousand yuan/ton; W70 tungsten iron 15.3-15.5 million yuan/ton; waste pure tungsten 187-197 yuan/kg;
  Carbide accessories price
Cobalt powder 315-335 yuan / kg, nickel powder 180-200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 2100 yuan / kg, titanium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder ( 0.8-1.0um) 700 yuan / kg, chromium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, molybdenum carbide 450 yuan / kg.
  Tungsten City Deal today
APT traded 35 tons, cash is 155,500 yuan / ton;
APT traded 40 tons, and the current amount was 151,000 yuan/ton;
The sales volume of medium-grain tungsten powder is 10 tons, and the current price is 232 yuan/kg;
The medium-particle tungsten carbide traded 15 tons, and the current price was 231 yuan/kg.
  Tungsten concentrate market
Today's tungsten concentrate market entry can be seen, but the quotation of the holders is generally firm, the downstream tungsten products are not selling smoothly, limited by the cost limit to follow the stagnation, and the seller is still playing. The short-term shutdown of mines in some areas has led to a slower growth in spot prices, and the price of tungsten concentrates has remained firm.
  APT market
APT companies are in a dilemma. Production must continue to purchase raw materials. Even if manufacturers are interested in accepting high-priced raw materials, APT is difficult to raise. If the purchase of 95,000 or more tungsten concentrates is marginal in terms of market price, if the price rises, downstream demand will not be Wang, the transaction is more difficult.
Tungsten powder market
The pressure situation of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide is not changed. The downstream customers are often accompanied by price pressures. The competition between ordinary specification powders is fierce. Occasionally, manufacturers are willing to facilitate the transaction, and the cost is mostly low-priced inventory. According to the current 15-15.1 Million APT to calculate, tungsten powder costs more than 230 yuan / kg.
  International Tungsten City
The international market price is higher, but it is understood that the highest transaction price of European APT is 274 US dollars / ton, 280 US dollars is only the quotation has not been actually traded, the foreign market's rising domestic export environment slightly improved.
  Tungsten City Hotspot
  Due to the influence of the two conferences, some tungsten mines in Jiangxi Province are in the stage of production suspension and maintenance. It is expected to resume work in late March. At this stage, the spot growth of tungsten concentrates is slow, the market supply is tight and the prices are firm, and there is resistance in the high-priced sales of APT and tungsten powder. It is not impressive. The current hot topic in the market: Where will the tungsten concentrate supply resume market after the end of the two sessions, the cost of raw materials will be high, and how will production enterprises choose?
  Tungsten City Daily Review
According to the current trend, if the tungsten concentrate is always at a high level and the supply is always tight, it will lead to the situation of “no rice under the pot” in the production enterprises. The sales situation in the downstream market is not ideal, and it is likely to reduce production. Guaranteed profit, the current back-end cemented carbide and tungsten powder manufacturers orders are not ideal, and the upstream trend is slightly different.
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