Molybdenum City Daily Commentary on March 8, 2019: Molybdenum Price International Rushes Highly
2019-03-08 15:46:49
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Modu Trading Network March 8, 2019:
Molybdenum price:
Recently, the global molybdenum market focus has focused on international molybdenum price fluctuations. The latest international molybdenum oxide price has once again rose to 12.6-12.7 US dollars / lb, and the European ferromolybdenum price rose to 29.2-29.5 US dollars / kg. Relatively speaking, the domestic molybdenum market price performance is weak, especially the bidding price of ferromolybdenum steel mills is still low.
Molybdenum City Deal:
Yesterday, the Luanchuan area sold 2 cars of molybdenum concentrate, the transaction price was 1730-1750 yuan / ton; the transaction price of molybdenum oxide 3 cars, the transaction price was 1850 yuan / ton; the amount of ferromolybium in Liaoning area, the transaction price was 11.8-12.1 Between 10,000 yuan / ton; a small amount of sodium molybdate sold in Sichuan, the transaction price is about 80,000 yuan / ton.
Steel mill tender:
Yesterday, Hunan No. 1 Steel Plant tendered 90 tons of ferromolybdenum at a price of 116,000 yuan/ton; Liaoning Liangshan Steel Co., Ltd. tendered 160 tons and 60 tons of ferromolybdenum respectively, and the prices were all accepted at RMB 117.5/ton. Next week, Jiangsu and Hubei two steel mills plan to enter the bidding for ferromolybdenum.
Molybdenum primary market:
The spot supply of raw material molybdenum concentrate is still tight, which makes the price of molybdenum concentrate firm. The price of molybdenum oxide holders is based on the cost of raw materials. The transaction price this week is about 30 yuan/ton higher than last week. The performance of the downstream ferromolybdenum market was unsatisfactory. The price of ferromolybdenum in the mainstream steel mills this week is still between 11.61-11.75 yuan/ton, which is still “upside down” compared with the raw material cost.
Molybdenum Chemical Market:
On Thursday, the market price of ammonium molybdate was located in the range of 1.26-12.8 million yuan/ton. The price of high-purity molybdenum trioxide was also followed up to 160,000 yuan/ton. The market price of sodium molybdate was still maintained at 8-83 million yuan/ton. In the interval, the overall performance of the molybdenum chemical market was light, and the transaction was still not much.
Molybdenum deep processing market:
Some molybdenum deep processing enterprises in Luoyang and Baoji have feedback, due to the lack of end consumption, the market for deep processing products is fierce, and the prices of products are different and slightly chaotic. Although the upstream raw materials of ammonium molybdate and molybdenum powder are quoted upwards every week, the prices of downstream deep-processing products are not rising and falling, and all enterprises are “sorrowful”.
International Molybdenum City:
This week, the international price of molybdenum oxide started a relatively strong rising market. At present, the price of molybdenum oxide has reached nearly 13 US dollars per pound of molybdenum. Driven by raw materials, the price of foreign ferromolybdenum also rose to the price of 29.5 US dollars / kg, but also led to the increase in the price of China's ferromolybdenum export.
 Molybdenum City Hotspot:
The international molybdenum price re-emerges strongly, and the rise in China's molybdenum prices has not been driven up for several consecutive days. The performance of molybdenum at home and abroad is obviously different, causing the molybdenum market to be heated. It is expected that the international molybdenum price will continue to rise further next week, and the domestic steel mill will also invite large-scale steel mills to tender for ferromolybdenum. The market attention will be further improved next week.
Molybdenum City Daily Commentary:
Since the beginning of March, the major steel mills have purchased more than 2,000 tons of ferromolybdenum, but the bidding prices are low. The international molybdenum price may rise further next week. The domestic molybdenum downstream products are still unable to improve the price. Some steel mills choose to bid for molybdenum iron next week and become the focus of the molybdenum market again. How can there be many uncertain factors in the results of the steel ferromolybdenum? Please pay close attention.
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