Molybdenum City Daily Commentary on March 20, 2019: Why is the ferromolybdenum bid price not going up?
2019-03-20 15:07:13
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Modu Trading Network March 20, 2019:
Molybdenum price:
The domestic molybdenum price was temporarily stabilized, and the international molybdenum price was slightly adjusted. International molybdenum oxide prices were consolidating to $12.4-12.6/lb, and European ferro-molybdenum prices were consolidating to $29-29.3/kg.
Molybdenum City Deal:
The volume of molybdenum concentrate has exceeded 1,500 tons since the beginning of the week, and the transaction price is between 1790-1815 yuan/ton, and the high-grade molybdenum concentrate has generally risen above 1800 yuan/ton. Molybdenum iron has some transactions in the bulk market today, and the transaction volume is not large. Some of the transaction prices are about 119,000 yuan/ton.
Steel mill tender:
Yesterday, the price of ferromolybdenum in Hebei No. 1 Steel Plant was 119,000 yuan/ton. It is reported that the bidding amount of this bidding is 110 tons, and the actual amount is greater than the amount of tenders. Jiangsu Yigang Plant tendered 60 tons of ferromolybdenum at a price of RMB 117.5 thousand/ton.
Molybdenum primary market:
Although the transaction price of molybdenum concentrate remained high and the performance was firm, the high price of ferromolybdenum was relatively high. The current transaction price of the bulk market is still difficult to reach 120,000 yuan/ton.
Molybdenum Chemical Market:
The market price of ammonium molybdate is stable. Unlike the performance of ferromolybdenum, the market of ammonium molybdate has been in a situation where the spot is tight and the price is difficult to purchase. The market activity of the ammonium molybdate market was not good, mainly due to the downstream demand. The company's replenishment of ammonium molybdate was cautious and on demand.
Molybdenum deep processing market:
Recently, the phenomenon of high and low transaction prices in the molybdenum powder market is still obvious. Due to various factors such as raw material cost, inventory situation and capital demand among various regions and enterprises, the high price of molybdenum powder is between 26.5 and 267,000 yuan/ The ton has been shown, but at the same time, the conventional molybdenum powder has a small amount of 260,000 yuan/ton.
International Molybdenum City:
The international molybdenum market is currently performing quietly. The transaction price in the European market has decreased from last week. Although the activity of the major countries in the Asian market has not been significantly affected, the transaction price has been under the influence of the market mentality. At present, the international market price of ferromolybdenum is once again lowered to the level of 29 US dollars / kg.
 Molybdenum City Hotspot:
Today, Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on March 18, 2019. The Safety Production Supervision Administration of Huanan District of Weinan City reviewed the rectification of the Molybdenum Furnace Products Division of Jinluo Co., Ltd. and issued a report. The “Rehabilitation Review Opinion” (Hua’an Supervision Review [2019] No. 002), since the day, the molybdenum charge product division of Jinmo Molybdenum has stopped production and resumed production (the production line was discontinued on February 12 and 13 of 2019). Rotary kiln, one multi-hearth furnace). According to the “Reply of the Investigation Report on the “2.12” Container Explosion Accident of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. of Weizhou City Huazhou District Safety Production Supervision Administration” (渭华安监发 [2019] No. 12), according to the People’s Republic of China The first paragraph of Article 109 of the Safe Production Law provides for a fine of 500,000 yuan for the company.
Molybdenum City Daily Commentary:
From the analysis of supply and demand situation, the supply of raw material molybdenum concentrate is tight, and the price is stable in a short period of time; the ferromolybdenum product has a strong production capacity relative to the raw material, but there is excess in the demand of the steel mill. The pressure is obvious; the ammonium molybdate product is affected by factors such as high concentration of production in the industry and environmental protection. The price is firm and the situation is expected to continue. The demand for downstream molybdenum deep processing is generally good, and the price is still passive and difficult to adjust.
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