Tungsten City Daily Commentary on March 20, 2019: APT has been seriously "upside down"
2019-03-20 15:08:12
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Tungsten-molybdenum cloud business March 20, 2019:
Tungsten price today
 65% black tungsten concentrate 9.7-9.8 million yuan / ton; 65% scheelite concentrate 9.6-97 million yuan / ton; Luoyang area low scheelite concentrate: 23-25% 1420-1430 yuan / ton, 28 -30% 1470-1480 yuan / ton; APT15-155.2 million / ton; tungsten powder 233-235 yuan / kg; tungsten carbide 231-233 yuan / kg; 96% sodium tungstate 11.8-12 million / ton; W70 tungsten iron 15.3-15.5 million yuan / ton; waste pure tungsten 187-197 yuan / kg.
Carbide accessories price
Cobalt powder 20-290 yuan / kg, nickel powder 180-200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 2100 yuan / kg, titanium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder ( 0.8-1.0um) 700 yuan / kg, chromium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, molybdenum carbide 450 yuan / kg.
Tungsten City Deal today
60% white tungsten concentrate sold 30 tons, the price of 97,500 yuan / ton;
APT traded 20 tons, and the current amount was 151,000 yuan/ton;
APT traded 30 tons, cash is 150,000 yuan / ton
The medium-grain tungsten powder was sold at 15 tons, and the current price was 232 yuan/kg.
Tungsten concentrate market
The strong price of the mine has not wavered. After a slight increase in supply at the supply last week, there was no sign of continued heavy volume this week. The 65% black tungsten concentrate trading is still one step away from the 100,000 mark, despite the 9.8-9.85 million. The price seems to be already high, but it is understood that there are successive transactions, although the cost burden of downstream smelters has been upside down, but the limited supply of tungsten concentrates is forcing them to still purchase at high prices.
 APT market
Since the return of the Spring Festival, the upstream tungsten concentrate market has shown signs of a slight rebound. APT is hovering between 15 and 152,000 yuan/ton. Today, a large-scale tungsten enterprise in Jiangxi Province has a long-term purchase price of 150,500 yuan/ton in the second half of March. Compared with the previous reduction of 0.05 million yuan / ton, the recent sales pressure of APT manufacturers is relatively large. In addition to the fixed long-term cooperation, the bulk purchase volume is very limited, and the cost-end increase has already caused APT enterprises to hang upside down.
Tungsten powder market
Tungsten powder market consumption has not improved, except for just order trading, no new good growth points have been found, and tungsten powder and tungsten carbide prices have remained stable.
 International Tungsten City
In contrast, the international market demand is good, foreign customers' tungsten iron and APT stocks are low, and procurement enthusiasm still exists.
Tungsten City Hotspot
A large-scale tungsten enterprise in Jiangxi Province in the second half of March 2019, the unit price is released: 65% black tungsten concentrate is 97,000 yuan / standard tons, up by 0.05 million yuan / standard tons; 65% white tungsten concentrate is 95,500 yuan / standard tons, up 0.05 million yuan / standard tons; ammonium paratungstate 150,500 yuan / ton, down 0.05 million yuan / ton.
Tungsten City Daily Review
The strength of tungsten concentrates is in sharp contrast with the weak APT price. The increase in cost has caused APT companies to revert to the upside. The industry admits that it is not desirable in the long run. Most of the supply and demand fundamental mismatches are expected to return to rational and stable situations.
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