Tungsten City Daily Review on March 21, 2019: Spring Equinox APT "Cold"
2019-03-21 15:15:28
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Tungsten-molybdenum cloud business March 21, 2019:
Tungsten price today
 65% black tungsten concentrate 9.7-9.8 million yuan / ton; 65% scheelite concentrate 9.6-97 million yuan / ton; Luoyang area low scheelite concentrate: 23-25% 1420-1430 yuan / ton, 28 -30% 1470-1480 yuan / ton; APT15-155.2 million / ton; tungsten powder 233-235 yuan / kg; tungsten carbide 231-233 yuan / kg; 96% sodium tungstate 11.8-12 million / ton; W70 tungsten iron 15.3-15.5 million yuan / ton; waste pure tungsten 187-197 yuan / kg.
Carbide accessories price
Cobalt powder 275-290 yuan / kg, nickel powder 180-200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 2100 yuan / kg, titanium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder ( 0.8-1.0um) 700 yuan / kg, chromium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, molybdenum carbide 450 yuan / kg.
Tungsten City Deal today
69% black tungsten concentrate sold 100 tons, the price of 98,300 yuan / ton;
APT traded 15 tons, and the current amount was 150,000 yuan/ton;
APT traded 30 tons, cash is 155,500 yuan / ton
The medium-grain tungsten powder was sold at 12 tons, and the current price was 233 yuan/kg.
Tungsten concentrate market
Yesterday, the tungsten concentrate market did not have much turnover, but the price was at a high level. The manufacturers were mainly engaged in rallies. The downstream smelter purchase intention price and the tungsten mine holders had a certain gap, and the cautious sentiment was strengthened.
 APT market
The actual transaction price of the APT market is concentrated at 15-151,000 yuan/ton, which is more difficult than the transaction of more than 151,000. The spot circulation speed of the market is sluggish, and the smelter's high-level receiving performance is cautious. After all, the current raw materials and costs are upside down, and most of the stocking cycle is shortened. Also reduce inventory to a certain extent.
Tungsten powder market
In late March, the market for cemented carbide and tungsten products remained sluggish. The competition between the whole orders and the tungsten powder enterprises was fierce, which led to the signs of improvement in price and volume. However, the stability of the raw materials was also given to some extent. Powder price support.
 International Tungsten City
The international tungsten market is active, and the high price of goods is high. The stocks are low and the buyers are positive, but the price is still rising and consumption is still needed.
Tungsten City Hotspot
Recently, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on the Release of the Total Control Index for the Rare Earth Ore Tungsten Mining in the 2019 Year (First Batch)", clarifying that the first batch of rare earths controlled this year will be 60,000 tons of tungsten. The mine is 49,000 tons.
The notice clearly stated that the first batch of total rare earth ore (REO) and tungsten concentrate (65% tungsten trioxide content) mining total control index in 2019 will be issued according to 50% of the 2018 annual index. The first batch of tungsten concentrate mining total control index was 49,835 tons, including 38,005 tons of main mining index and 11,830 tons of comprehensive utilization index. The production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and other 15 provinces.
Tungsten City Daily Review
The stalemate in the tungsten market needs to be broken, and it is difficult for prices to fluctuate greatly under the weak supply and demand. It is difficult to operate APT in the near future due to the downstream consumption. As of now, the back end is still unable to give positive follow-up.
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