Tungsten City Daily Commentary on April 12, 2019: This week's tungsten price shock adjustment
2019-04-12 15:17:01
Tungsten-molybdenum cloud business April 12, 2019:
Tungsten price today
65% black tungsten concentrate is 9.55-9.65 million yuan/ton; 65% white tungsten concentrate is 9.45-95500 yuan/ton; Luoyang low-grade white tungsten concentrate is 23-25% 1410-1420 yuan/ton, 28 -30% 1460-1470 yuan / ton; APT 14.6-149 million / ton; tungsten powder 228-230 yuan / kg; tungsten carbide 226-228 yuan / kg; 96% sodium tungstate 11.8-12 million / Tons; W70 tungsten iron 15.145.6 million yuan / ton; waste pure tungsten 187-197 yuan / kg.
Carbide accessories price
Cobalt powder 280-290 yuan / kg, nickel powder 180-200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 2100 yuan / kg, titanium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder ( 0.8-1.0um) 700 yuan / kg, chromium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, molybdenum carbide 450 yuan / kg.
Tungsten City Deal today
APT traded 30 tons, half of the cash was accepted at 147,300 yuan / ton;
APT traded 20 tons, and the current amount was 146,000 yuan / ton;
The medium-particle tungsten powder sold 10 tons and the cash was 227 yuan/kg.
Tungsten concentrate market
Despite the slowdown in the rate of tungsten concentrates, there is still a sign of a decline in prices compared to last week. This week, the downstream market has been forced to adjust the raw material market. From the perspective of APT and tungsten powder, no favorable support has been found, and tungsten concentrate manufacturers have maintained stability. The willingness is heavy, but the downstream is still difficult to accept the current price. Compared with the beginning of the week, the tungsten concentrate market is gradually clear, and the market is high and low.
APT market
The transaction price of the APT bulk market is centered around the unit price of the large enterprise. The industry believes that the current overall market is weakening, and buyers are more aggressive in purchasing prices. With the low price of tungsten concentrates but the oversupply of APT, some smelters have stopped production and reduced production, and some smelters have indicated plans to reduce production or stop production.
Tungsten powder market
At present, tungsten powder manufacturers do not make inventory, because the mismatch of supply and demand leads to price decline, manufacturers mostly priced according to the procurement of raw materials, so the price advantage is also very important, the tungsten powder market price gap is large.
International Tungsten City
As of April 10, 2019, MB Europe's ferro-tungsten and APT prices have temporarily stabilized. Among them, Rotterdam warehouse 75% tungsten iron is 35.8-36.8 US dollars / kg, European free market APT price is 270-282 US dollars / ton; in addition, European media export price for China's tungsten iron is 34.7-36.5 US dollars / kg; China APT exports The price dropped (-5) 265-275 (-2) USD / ton, the European media China tungsten concentrate price is 96000-98000 (-1000) yuan / ton.
Tungsten City Hotspot
The cost is high, and the production and sales situation of APT enterprises is going to be. Next week, the tungsten mine will continue to insist on or let the goods be released to the outside, and the actual transaction of the tungsten concentrate market will continue to pay attention.
Tungsten City Daily Review
This week's transaction is mainly based on just-needed transactions, and the market outlook is likely to be weak. The confidence of the industry insiders is very important. If the tungsten concentrate can continue to be maintained, the downstream APT will continue to narrow the profit margin, and the center of gravity of the back-end tungsten products will also stabilize. If the raw material end support situation is broken, then the supply and demand will be more and less. In the case, the downstream market still has the possibility of a decline.
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