Tungsten City Daily Commentary on April 16, 2019: Can APT production break the deadlock in the tungsten industry?
2019-04-16 15:18:58
Tungsten-molybdenum cloud business April 16, 2019:
Tungsten price today
65% black tungsten concentrate is 9.55-9.65 million yuan/ton; 65% white tungsten concentrate is 9.45-95500 yuan/ton; Luoyang low-grade white tungsten concentrate is 23-25% 1410-1420 yuan/ton, 28 -30% 1460-1470 yuan / ton; APT 14.6-14.8 million / ton; tungsten powder 228-230 yuan / kg; tungsten carbide 226-228 yuan / kg; 96% sodium tungstate 11.8-12 million / Tons; W70 tungsten iron 15.3-15.5 million yuan / ton; waste pure tungsten 187-197 yuan / kg.
Carbide accessories price
Cobalt powder 285-295 yuan / kg, nickel powder 180-200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 2100 yuan / kg, titanium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, tantalum carbide powder ( 0.8-1.0um) 700 yuan / kg, chromium carbide powder (0.8-1.0um) 200 yuan / kg, molybdenum carbide 450 yuan / kg.
Tungsten City Deal today
APT traded 20 tons, and the current amount was 146,000 yuan / ton;
APT traded 30 tons and accepted 147,000 yuan/ton;
The medium-grain tungsten powder was sold at 15 tons, and the price was 226 yuan/kg.
Tungsten concentrate market
The tungsten concentrate market has limited stock supply, low-cost resources, but the high price of the holders is difficult to accept downstream. The downstream smelter production needs raw materials to maintain, but at present, the cost and profit cannot be guaranteed, and part of the production is reduced. The steady price of concentrates has slowed down the market.
APT market
The APT market is quiet. In addition to the long-term purchase of large enterprises, the bulk market is in a quiet stage, so there is a significant gap between the market and the tungsten concentrate market. Most smelters want to lock in costs based on raw material prices, but there are also manufacturers to the market. It is not optimistic to choose low-cost shipments, and the market's focus is weak.
Tungsten powder market
Today, the tungsten powder market is mainly scattered. The market rumors that some low-priced transactions are below 220 yuan/kg. The author is informed that tungsten powder is processed for recycled materials. The raw materials are sold at a concentration of 225-230 yuan/kg. Tungsten powder and tungsten carbide market. Not active, price competition between conventional product manufacturers is fierce.
International Tungsten City
On April 12, 2019, Rotterdam warehouse 75% tungsten iron was 35.8-36.8 US dollars / kg, European free market APT price was 270-282 US dollars / ton; China tungsten iron export 34.7-36.5 US dollars / kg; APT exports 265- At 275 US dollars / ton, the European media China tungsten concentrate price is 96000-98,000 yuan / ton.
Tungsten City Hotspot
Affected by financial data exceeding expectations, yesterday's A-shares gapped higher in the morning, and the Shanghai Composite Index regained 3,200 points. After the opening, financial stocks continued to exert strength. 5G, domestic software, fuel cells and other subjects took turns, and the three major stock indexes fluctuated at high levels. A slight decline; the market continued to decline in the afternoon, the GEM was the first to turn green and eventually fell more than 1%, the Shanghai Composite Index lost another 3200 points. Correspondingly, the main funds of the two cities reproduce the net outflow of the main funds of over 30 billion yuan.
Tungsten City Daily Review
The smoothness of tungsten concentrate has formed certain support for downstream tungsten products, and the downward trend has slowed down. However, the market is still in a shock period in the short term. The real performance depends on the relationship between supply and demand. Whether some APT enterprises can reduce the overall pressure, it is tungsten. Whether the strength of the concentrate can compromise the downstream, or the poor demand pressure is transmitted to the raw material side to make concessions, it is still worthy of attention.
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