Molybdenum trading network (www.molychina.com) is China's molybdenum tungsten industry authority portal. It is the most professional information service website of molybdenum and tungsten industry chain in China. It serves the molybdenum tungsten industry and molybdenum tungsten consumption enterprises. Adhering to the concept of "service creating value", we build the chief molybdenum tungsten business information service provider in China molybdenum tungsten industry, build an interactive platform for molybdenum tungsten industry trade information, provide omni-directional molybdenum tungsten information business service for molybdenum tungsten industry, develop the information development of molybdenum tungsten industry in China and promote the health of China molybdenum tungsten industry. Orderly development. By the way of membership system, through the online (On-Line) off-line (Off-Line) way, we are committed to providing China molybdenum tungsten enterprises based on Internet based e-commerce and industry and market information value-added services.
      The molybdenum trade network was established in 2006. After 11 years, it has witnessed the development and changes of the molybdenum tungsten market. The business covers the global tungsten and molybdenum industry, and China molybdenum tungsten practitioners as the center to deal with the huge changes in the molybdenum tungsten market at home and abroad, and develop together with China molybdenum and tungsten enterprises. The molybdenum capital trade network has exchanged with many international tungsten and molybdenum industry authority, website price information, e-commerce industry report, business service and so on has become the first choice in the industry. Because of professional excellence, we stick to our efforts to meet the bright future of molybdenum and tungsten industry.

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